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K9 Mastery is owned and operated by husband and wife Ryan and Christie Miller. Christie has always had a desire to work with animals and, in particular, dogs. Around December 2007, the problems with their own dogs escalated to such an extreme that not only were there several costly visits to the emergency vet for emergency surgeries, but both Ryan and Christie were injured separating the fights and were told that they would need to rehome their dogs, put them down, or at the very least keep their dogs separated as they would never be able to be in proximity of each other without fighting. Devastated and thinking there was no solution other than rehoming one or more of their dogs, Christie made one last desperate attempt to find something that would work and give her a stable pack.

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Several days of searching for answers both locally and nationwide brought Christie in contact with a system that made all the difference. Christie proceeded cautiously as she had invested many hours and several thousands of dollars on ineffective training for her dogs already, but everyone she spoke to regarding the training that had worked their dogs in these methods reported nothing but positive results as well as many instances of witnessing the remarkable rehabilitation and training of unruly and severely aggressive dogs. These people included those who tried multiple other methods without success and sometimes with regression in progress as well as people who were told their dogs were so aggressive they would need to be euthanized because there was no hope in rehabilitating them.

After hearing all of the success stories, speaking personally with many people involved in the training, and seeing videos of the dogs in action, Christie decided to try it for herself. The results are not only amazing, but indisputable.

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Not only were Christie and Ryan able to keep all five dogs they had when her search began, they have even been able to add to their pack, and began to foster dogs for local rescues to help solve their behavioral issues and find them permanent homes. The dogs are well behaved and can demonstrate their abilities amongst distractions in unfamiliar surroundings. They are truly the joy they were meant to be, and Ryan and Christie have discovered what it’s really like to have dogs that are truly obedient, fun, and reliable.

After seeing the results she had with her dogs, Christie decided it was her mission to help other people realize the joy of having well trained dogs. Dogs that are trained in methods capable of producing realiability in real world situations without even a collar. She knows that there are other people out there in the situation she was once in, desperate and looking for an answer, and believes that no one should have to ever consider rehoming or euthanizing a dog because of behavior or training problems. She also knows there are many people out there that have spent countless hours and exorbitant amounts of money on training that has failed them and others that simply don’t know where to start. And so K9 Mastery was born.

Over the years, the Miller pack has grown and evolved. Some of our beloved dogs have passed on, but we have also gained many others we love.  Our current pack consists of many dogs of various breeds and sizes, all of whom are loved with all our heart.


The original 5.

Molly, Squidgy, Bella, Trooper, and Cash



The Miller Pack at Christmas

Major, Cash, Trooper, Squidgy, Bella, Liberty, Zip, Jax, Molly, & Zeeva