board and train

Board & train services works well for people who live outside of the Austin area or those who simply cannot fit group or private lessons into their schedule.  If you are interested in enrolling your dog, please contact us for rates and availability by submitting this form.





Here is some general information about our program:

We REQUIRE a minimum of a one month stay. Please also note that we do not allow visitation during your dog's stay.  This can interupt your dog's focus and training.  We can provide updates via email on a weekly basis (Fridays) if you email and request the updates and are happy to do so.

During the first month, assuming your dog has no previous obedience, you can expect your dog to complete basic obedience.  A description of the basic level is listed below.  In addition to basic obedience, we will address any behavior issues your dog has that are a concern.

Basic (on a 6 ft. leash):
Loose leash walking (no pulling on the leash)



If you would like your dog to advance further than this, then the length of stay will depend on how far you would like to go and your individual dog.  This can be discussed in further detail to lay out a plan.

Included in our program is boarding, training, a private lesson at pick up and three group lessons to allow you to perfect your handling skills and your dog's new skills in real world situations.

To reserve a spot, $750 is due as a deposit.  The remainder will be due at drop off.  If your dog stays longer than one month, you will be billed every 30 days. All fees are non-refundable.

Please provide enough of your dog's food to feed your dog for it's entire stay PLUS some. We recommend bringing 2x the dog's normal amount of food as the dogs tend to eat more while they are here.  It also needs to be provided in an air-tight container (plastic preferred), labeled with your dog's name and type of food.  Please do not bring food in a bag.  We are in the country and bags allow bugs access.  If your dog runs out of food for any reason, additional food of the type you provided will be purchased and an additional charge will be billed for the food purchased and the trip required to obtain the food needed. 

You do also need to make sure that if your dog is on any medications that there is enough supplied for the dog's stay and that instructions are clearly printed on the medicine bottle along with your dog's name.  Your dog also needs to be current on all vaccinations (rabies, parvo, distemper) as well as heartworm and flea and tick preventative.  

We DO NOT require the bordatella vaccine.  If your dog has been vaccinated for bordatella within 2 weeks of it's reservation, we will not take your dog into the program at that time. There may also be a fee involved for having to change your reservation date if it affects availability for other clients.